Just How Important is Energy Efficiency?

We all talk about energy efficiency like it’s the next best thing but we really don’t have a very good idea of its value. We talk about turning our lights off when not in use but we have no idea how much we really save from doing this.

Just how important is energy efficiency? How much does it impact the world if you use computers that consume “10% less energy than the competition?”

Listen to this talk on the value of energy efficiency from the TedX Talks in Boulder.


Laptops are the most efficient computer for energy, given you use them like a laptop.

What do I mean by use like a laptop, well you charge it up, unplug and use it and then re-plug in when its low. If this is not done then constant power is continually being omitted into the laptop to keep it at 100% when you are using it.

This is the problem with Desktop Pc’s is that they are always plugged in and always using energy whilst on the go, for they do not have a rechargeable battery. The result of this is that much more power is being used than clearly required shown by the laptop counter part.

Considering a new PC, do yourself a favour by having one that works on the go and help the environment by using less energy.

Natural Energy Source

New technology is developing the use of the natural suns energy and light to produce electricity. The suns rays cast down upon special designed mirrors which then reflect all of the suns light into a single point onto a metal plate connected to a tower.

This is achieved by having the mirrors on mechanical arms that allow them to be positioned and moved to suit the suns position and shine. What this creates is extreme mounts of heat, roughly 580 degrees Celsius. With all this heat placed into the one spot it creates steam through the plate ad with the power of a generator forces that steam through generator equipment which coverts in to electricity.

This electricity just as any other electricity, can then be used for whatever purpose, power homes etc. Whilst still in production when this model because completely available, a 50km by 50km mirror set up could power the entirety of Australia.

This would save much power and be a much more efficient way to generate electricity.

Photo Efficiency

A strange and unique topic to touch on first, but one that I was recently exposed to. Regarding efficiency of a products use, allowing someone to do something else and using minimal energy in the process….. a photo booth.

Photo booths are no new phenomena, they take photos automatically in a booth like environment, with the ability to add backdrops props and all.

So why do I bring this up. Well when you consider using a photographer that requires someone to walk around at an event a night long holding something around their neck or to their eye. Paying them when they are pressing the button or not.

They themselves do not have the chance to be a part of the event and instead have to accept their role as photographer. Well with a photo booth this is not the case.

The automatic system will allow users to simply and swiftly walk in, press some buttons, and hey presto photos are created. No one needs to be manning a camera, it does all the work for you, and furthermore prints your photos then and there.

Yes there is energy use of the machine, but it is minimal, and saves time, money and energy in hiring someone, having them do all the work of taking photos, uploading, editing and then sharing. With a booth you don’t worry about that.

Simple put in place, plug in and wolah!

Consider for you at your next event to try one, they are quick, easy and a whole lot of fun too. Efficiency in use and energy friendly. Give it a go.


Pembinanation deals and discusses with finding more energy efficient as well as overall efficient means of technology and products and services

By finding more efficient ways, time, money, the environment and missing out can be saved. If it is in relation to products and technology, for example a refrigerator, by being more energy efficient, you can save on energy bills, you are using less of the world’s resources and you are essentially getting the most out of your product.

Not only dealing with energy efficiency but also use efficiency. For example, if you had an old, and blocked up vacuum cleaner, the clean would be nowhere near as efficient as cleaning with a new or at least clean and unclogged machine, which would in turn save you time.

Lastly, the efficiency of someone else doing things for you. Rather than cleaning the floors yourself, how efficient would things be if you didn’t have to do it at all and you instead got someone else to do It, a professional perhaps. This would allow you to do other things and have the clean completed in the best manner.